The Prelude


As an aficionado of all genres of music, DJ Zeke has taken great pleasure in compiling his latest work entitled, The Origins of Hip Hop 3: Boondocks Edition 2nd Installment.

Growing up, DJ Zeke was heavily influenced by music; more specifically hip hop and the overwhelmingly unforgettable samples utilized in the genre. His incisive ear and powerful memory were able to distinguish and extract a myriad samples originating from some of his favorite songs.

The Origins of Hip Hop series seeks to bridge the generational gaps of supporters of the genre. It sheds light on the notion that great history repeats itself. From the youngest hip hop enthusiast to the oldest hip hop head, The Origins of Hip Hop eradicates the diversities of the evolution of
hip hop and establishes a collective feeling of nostalgia.
Knowing that artistic inspiration is drawn from anything, it comes as no surprise that sampling is not tied to one genre. DJ Zeke was driven to curate

The Origins of Hip Hop 2: Boondocks Edition 1st Installment after watching Boondocks season 1, episode 12 “Riley Wuz Here” where Bob
Ross and Riley were chased by the police for spray painting. Tom Scott’s “Today” could be heard throughout the chase scene. This sample is heard on Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth’s T.R.O.Y. With such a tremendous response to the first Boondocks Edition and being inspired by good friend and colleague, DJ Neil Armstrong (Armstrong having just completed his own project), DJ Zeke
felt compelled to complete the four year creative journey which birthed, The Origins of Hip Hop 3: Boondocks Edition 2nd Installment. This chapter features more songs, cuts, transitions and interviews than its prototype. DJ Zeke’s creative thought process had blossomed amid this adventure and he is proud to call it a masterpiece.

This is The Origins of Hip Hop 3.